Helios Пилигрим-360


the motor-propeller, bottom: the hard floorboards, transom: is stationary, load capacity 500 kg, seats: 3

Main (Helios Пилигрим-360)
Boat type motor-propeller
The bottom hard soles
The number of compartments 3
Inflatable keel
Transom stationary
Capacity 500 kg
Passenger capacity 3
The maximum power of the motor 20 l.s.
Dimensions and weight (Helios Пилигрим-360)
Length 3.6 m
Width 1.62 m
Diameter of cylinder 0.44 m
Weight 35 kg
Trim (Helios Пилигрим-360)
Trim - detachable aluminum oars; pump; repair kit;- plywood soles;- aluminum stringers;- passport;- transport bag;- case for the soles.
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